Valerian Shiukashvili started taking piano lessons at the Z. Paliashvili Central Music School under the tutelage of Dodo Tsintsadze at the age of twelve. Shortly after this, he performed Mozart’s Piano Concerto N.23 with an orchestra. This appearance was highly acclaimed by music critics. Mr. Shiukashvili believes that anyone who chooses to be a musician at the later age is more conscious about his/her decision and makes full effort to achieve the goal.
In 1992 Valerian became a winner of the All Union Competition in Russia, which brought him one year invitation to study at the Moscow School-Studio “Young Talents”. After a year he was accepted to the Moscow Central Music School under the tutelage of Nina Makarova.
SInce1 993, as a laureate of the International Charitable Program “New Names”, Mr. Shiukashvili represents this fund invarious concerts and venues and has played for such famous persons as Margaret Thatcher, Pope John Paul II, Mickail Gorbachev, Eduard Shevardnadze, Sophia Loren, George Bush, Claudia Schiffer, Boris Yeltsin and others. Mr. Shiukashvili has concert engagements in many countries of Europe and Asia, as well as in Russian Federation. His name was added in gold letters to the book of the stars of the XXI Century.
In 1997 Valerian graduated from the Moscow Central Music School and was accepted without entrance examinations to the Tbilisi State Conservatory in the class of the renowned Georgian composer and pianist – Nodar Gabunia. Mr. Shiukashvili is a winner of many International Piano Competitions. Among them are:
Grand Prix,Third International Competition-Festival, 1995 (Minsk, Belarus)
III Prize, First Tbilisi International Piano Competition, 1997 (Tbilisi, Georgia)
Grand Prix, Third Bulgarian International Piano Competition, 1998 (Dobrich, Bulgaria)
I Prize, First International Competition, 1998 (Beer-Sheva, Israel)
Grand Prix, Maria YudinaInternational Piano Competition, 2000 (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
Grand Prix, Helena Sa e Costa International Piano Competition, 2004 (Porto, Portugal)
International Award “Euterpe”, 2008 (Frankfurt, Germany)
Grand Prix, Baden-Baden International Piano Competition, 2012 (Baden-Baden, Germany)
Georgian State Prize “Tsinandali”, 2001
In 2000, after the death of Nodar Gabunia, Valerian continued his studies in the class of professor Nana Khubutia. He graduated Master’s and Postgraduate degrees with honors.
Valerian founded his first National Competition at the age of 24, which he named after his beloved professor Nodar Gabunia. In 2013 the Competition was given an International status.
Valerian Shiukashvili is often invited to be a jury member of many prestigious International Competitions and Festivals. He often gives masterclasses to young musicians. Valerian has 11 CD albums recorded on various record labels. In 2010, as a director of Georgian Art Academy, he established national and international music festivals in different regions of Georgia. He cares deeply about the professional growth of young musicians. He is also actively involved in Charity Events worldwide.
In 2015 Valerian Shiukashvili became a board member of the Federation of International Competitions and Festivals. The same year, Georgian University invited him to be a director of newly opened Georgian Academy of Music.

“Dear colleagues, I would like to congratulate you with all my heart the birth of a new Georgian star. The Star, who continues best traditions of Georgian pianism. The traditions that make Georgian nation proud for so many years. Yesterday, we played a concert at the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory, where Valerian Shiukashvili performed Mozart’s Piano Concert with the Russian State Orchestra. The performance was a great success. His sound is vivid and expressive, his technique – flawless and delicate. We are grateful to his teachers and the company “Art Imedi” for giving us an opportunity to listen to this wonderful musician”.

Veronica Dudarova
People’s Artist of the USSR

“Valerian Shiukashvili stands out as a musician with great abilities and wonderful human qualities. His interpretation of any musical piece is so different from other interpretations, that at first it may sound a bit pretentious, but he has an ability to convince a listener in the version he is offering. Valerian is already a true star. I believe that very soon, like a new planet, he will establish himself in an international music scene”

Jansugh Kakhidze

“Valerian Shiukashvili was a little child when I heard him play and I was fascinated by his talent. He stood out from other musicians as an artist with individuality, which was later reflected on his piano playing style. His performances are not showy, yet full with artistry. This, unfortunately, is rarely seen lately. I am always on the watch for his career growth. Valerian’s romantic style of playing, full with singing melodies, where we see the signs of vocal aesthetics, comes from the German tradition. I love when I hear singing tone in a piano performance. Years ago, pianists were taught voice lessons at the Conservatory, but Valerian does not need them, he has this ability by nature. This is what makes him different from other musicians”

Nodar Andguladze
People’s Artist

“Valerian Shiukashvili doesn’t need my recommendation. He is a true artist. Attending his recitals always makes me happy. What he does in his profession should be appreciated, because he cares about the next generation, paves the way and hands over the best traditions to them. He deserves a big thank you for this.”

Nani Bregvadze

“It is my pleasure to write a few words about Valerian Shiukashvili, whom I know about 17 years. First time I heard him in the Maria Yudina Piano Competition in Saint-Petersburg, where he was awarded a Grand Prix unanimously. Every year after this the jury members of various competitions in Bulgaria, Netherlands and Israel were fascinated by the talent and the amazing mastership of this wonderful musician. Subtlety, elegance, brilliance and depth of understanding the style – these are the characteristics of Valerian, which make him a bright representative of the XXI century pianism. He knows all secrets of piano mastery and conquers the hearts of any listener. His enthusiasm is contagious and he opens a new music world to the audience.
There are artists with unique sound palettes and Valerian is one of them, indeed. I think he has many future plans. I hope he will make his listeners happy many times with new interesting performances and other successes”

Tamara Poddubnaya
Professor and Chair of Piano department at the Long Island Conservatory of Music (Albertson, NY, USA)

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